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Greater Israel: From the Tigris to the Nile - ClassicalIslam.com
Greater Israel: From the Tigris to the Nile Wednesday, September 20th, 2017, 20:25:41
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  Author    Greater Israel: From the Tigris to the Nile  (currently 5,098 views)
Posted: Tuesday, July 25th, 2006, 15:32:58 Report to Moderator
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From the Tigris to the Nile
Changing Foundations:

You must have heard the terms of Judaism and Zionism. Let us talk in detail about these two terms. Just as Islam's foundation lies on five elements, one about belief and the other four about worships.

Judaism is founded on four elements. The interesting thing is that the name and number of these elements keep changing in every era. Nowadays the Jews say that there are four elements of their religion. (Remember that Judaism is no longer a religion but a blatant form of racialism and nationalism). These four elements are neither taken from the Torah nor do they have any farthest link to the teachings of Prophet Moses.

You will realize this fact as you read the details of these elements.

1) Monotheism: The Jews believe in monotheism just as the Christians believe in trinity. Though the Jews have been calling some of the Prophets and sometimes calling themselves the sons of God, and witchcrafts superstitions and groundless rituals are still prevailing in their society, yet they claim to have belief in the Oneness of God.
2) Advent of the Messiah: According to their belief. A saviour will be sent by God in the last time to found a separate state for the Jews and thus save them from their centuries-old disgrace. That is why some of the Jewish sects do not support the cruel establishment of Israel as they believe that creating a separate state for Jews is the duty of the Messiah and not of the Jews. So they are bitterly opposed to the aggressive policies of the Israeli government. In April 2002 they had held in London a protest demo against Arial Sharon but their voices are too weak to be heard in the flood of Zionism.

According to a true saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Dajjal will certainly arrive but instead of redeeming the Jews, he will perish along with all the Jews on earth.

3) Covenant: The Jews say that they are the particular people of God. They cannot answer why for centuries they have been undergoing the Diaspora and banishments if they are truly the dear ones of the Lord?

4) Struggle for prosperity of Jews: To make hard and sincere struggle for the establishment of a separate state for the welfare and prosperity of the Jews.

What is Zionism?

As compared to Judaism, Zionism stresses on the last two points only, which are the foundation of the Zionist movement. In simple words, Judaism claims to be a religion while Zionism is a political movement working for the creation and protection of a separate Jewish state and settling the Jews there.

Zionism has nothing to do with religion. Even a follower of some other religion can become Zionist if he agrees to their two ideologies.

Hence many people whether they are Christian, Muslims or atheist working for the Jewish cause in one way or the other are considered by them as Zionists.

For the Muslims, a person not performing his religions duties is considered to be irreligious and sinful. In contrast, a man among the Jews - whether he acts on the religion or not - is regarded to be a staunch Jew if he considers himself superior to others and supports the separate Jewish state.

Just think, this is a religion or racialism? Dare a Jew say that these are the teachings of the Torah, or Prophet Moses had thought these things to his to followers?     

Big Lies:

Ascribing false stories to Allah and His Messengers and distorting their own religion by misrepresenting the prophetic teachings is an ominous disease of the Jews. Can there be any bigger lie about Allah, His Books and pious-soul Messengers than saying that Allah sent a religion that was meant for a particular race of human beings.

And the remaining humans can neither enter that religion, nor can they get absolved. It is a Jewish belief that one who is not born of a Jewish mother cannot Israel's population; some Jewish priests declared that one whose father is Jew should also be recognized as a Jew.

As for practicing the religion, it is evident from an example. After successfully founding a Zionist state through his conspiracies, when the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herz visited the western wall of Masjid-al-Aqsa, which the Jews call the Wailing Wall, he ate burger of pig meat there despite Judaism does not allow pig meat and the Wailing Wall is a sacred area for the Jews.

None of the Jewish priests present there did dare to forbid their leader or warn him against the sacrilege he committed.

As we said earlier, for the Jews, no matter a person is wrongdoer, if he is yearning for Dajjal's coming considers himself superior to other humans and is a supporter of Jewish state then he is an honourable man. Can there be any worse distortion of the teachings of Allah His Prophets and any worse blasphemy of heavenly religions.

Synthesizing a link:

Coming to the point, after wandering through the valleys of lies and distortion, Judaism today focuses on the four points of which the element of monotheism is just

for maintaining the religious stature while the other three have a central point that is establishment of a Jewish state whether by struggle or by metaphysical means.

The newly invented sham Judaism which has no spiritual basis and is based o n materialist ideologies of Worldliness. Racialism and nationalism has Synthesized its link to the Prophets.

The Jewish leaders fit their evil designs with the teachings of Prophet Moses and thus keep their people provoked for making mischief on the earth.

As our common readers are unaware of the Jewish ideology the premises of their imaginary homeland and their claims of prophet legacy we deem fit to discuss these things here so as to expose the great Israeli oppression against the Palestinian Muslims and our shameful indifference to their struggle. Let us first understand the ideology, of Jews about the Zionist 'tale Of Israel.
From Tigris to Nile:

The Holy Qur’aan says:

...And they the Offspring of Israel followed what the Satan's recited in the days of - Sulaiman's kingdom... (Al-Baqara 102).

Maulana 'Abdul Majid has written in his commentary that the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman was spread from the Tigris to the Nile. It is the same Solomon kingdom that the Jews claim in spite of disobeying the teachings of Prophet Sulaiman in his lifetime and afterwards. According to them it had been promised to them in the Torah:

'0 Israel' "The premises of your kingdom will be spreading from the Tigris to the Nile". This is the breadth of kingdom. Some other Jews add;

"The breadth of the kingdom will be from the fertile area of the Cedar Tree to the Land of Dates. The Cedar tree is Lebanon's symbol and appears on its flag. The Land of Dates denotes the holy city of Medina.

The Jews, who disrespected Prophet Sulaiman in his lifetime and continued to deny his teachings are now obsessed about gaining his legacy.

If you look at the Israeli flag, there are two lines, which symbolize the Tigris and the Nile. Between the lines is a six-pointed star made of two triangles. The first triangle signifies Revelation, Creature and Redemption, while the second one stands for God, Israel and the World.

Say: “Are those equal who know and those who do not know?
It is only men of understanding who will remember.” (S 39:9)
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Posted: Tuesday, August 1st, 2006, 01:01:26 Report to Moderator
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In the 60s when Egypt agreed to allow Israel to open its embassy in Cairo, the Egyptians proposed that the embassy should be built where all the other embassies are, the eastern side of rive Nile however the Israelis didn’t recognize this area to be part of Egypt as to them its believed to be part of the greater Israeli.
Israel proposed a plan to build the embassy on the west side of river Nile as this was the foreign land and not part of Israel

Say: “Are those equal who know and those who do not know?
It is only men of understanding who will remember.” (S 39:9)
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